Dutch elections Special – Listen On Demand – Win Free Tickets for Sokratis Malamas

We talk Dutch elections on Hellas Pindakaas with Roula Tourgaidis, a Greek candidate in the Dutch elections with De Burger Beweging (The Citizens’ Movement) and HHS student Valeria Nazzi! Plus 5 FREE TICKETS for Sokratis Malamas!


This show is in English – To listen on demand click on this link.


Hellas Pindakaas is happy to announce that students from the Haagse Hogeschool will be joining the show as interns. Valeria Nazzi is from Italy and she is the first to join the team of Hellas Pindakaas. In the studio we also had Roula Tourgaidis, the only Greek female candidate in the Dutch elections, with De Burger Beweging (The Citizens’ Movement)! With Roula and Valeria we discussed about the upcoming Dutch elections, the democratic deficit in Europe and the rise of populism in the face of Wilders. Listen on demand to find out everything you didn’t know about the Dutch electoral system, the political ethos of the Dutch society and the similarities or differences with other European countries.


Listen on demand for one more, very important reason. Hellas Pindakaas will be giving away 5 FREE TICKETS for the concert of Greek artist and composer Sokratis Malamas (Melkweg, March 25th). Listen to our show to find out how you can win the free tickets. This contest is sponsored by Enjoy & Share.



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