Hellas Pindakaas Festival 2017 – Watch all photos & videos from an amazing night

Our 1st Hellas Pindakaas Festival was a night to remember! 4 bands, 6 music acts, 3 DJs, 24 musicians and singers, creative projects, video projections, 3 different food choices and a crowd ready to party to our awesome live music, spanning from rempetiko, greek folk songs, classic guitar and flamenco to pop, rock, dance and electronic tunes.


All our acts did an amazing job! Our headliners, Mikro, were spectacular on stage, with a kick-ass performance that blew the roof off the Mezrab cultural center! And our DJs made sure there was great beats before and after our live acts for everyone to dance to.


Photos and videos from our festival







DJ Kondak, Nikko Koulousios, Yiannis Lefkaditis (Mikro)




Chérie van Gazelle

Xristos Angelis, Jeep & Alwin


Alexandros Kyrkos & Elena Manevska


Yota Baron & Pejman Shoeibi


Yota Baron & Katerina Zachari (Lato)


Thomas Huisman, Vanessa Kourtesi & Alexandros Chrysostomidis




Yiannis Giagourtas


Panos Ganotis (Gastronomical Events) & mom

More videos from Hellas Pindakaas Festival you can watch on our Facebook page, by clicking here.


I would like to thank all our musicians, singers, artists, DJs, performers, special thanks to our headliners Mikro, our sponsors and allies Lato & Gastronomical Events, our chefs, to Rigas, to Mezrab’s sound technicians and all the staff, and to everyone who joined us in celebrating 5 years of Hellas Pindakaas!


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