Greek-Hungarian Pop art music project Chérie van Gazelle kick off 2017 with live music – Listen on demand

We welcomed 2017 with pop art music project Chérie van Gazelle LIVE on Hellas Pindakaas! A unique live music session with Kocsány Marianna and Jarvis Vega.


Portions of this show are in Greek, but live music is what it’s all about – To listen to our show click on this link.



She is from Hungary, he is from Greece. They both live in Amsterdam for the last few years but only met and started jamming together recently. They write songs about expat life in Holland and what they make of it! They performed 3 of their own songs and one cover of a hit we all know and love. What a brilliant way to start the new year, with live pop music  in the studio.



If you want to see Chérie van Gazelle performing live in the studio of Hellas Pindakaas, visit our Facebook page or watch the following video from their YouTube channel.







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