Composer Calliope Tsoupaki talks about Fortress Europe – Listen on demand

Listen to this very special Hellas Pindakaas where we interview Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki about her newest opera Fortress Europe (Opera Trionfo / Asko|Schönberg).

The interview is in Greek… but Calliope’s music is universal – To listen on demand click on this link.

In this exclusive interview with Hellas Pindakaas Calliope Tsoupaki talks extensively about the opera as a form of expression, about Fortress Europe and the issues it touches upon.

Fortress Europe, the newest opera by Calliope, in collaboration with Opera Trionfo, and director Floris Visser, deals with the story of Europe and her son the politician. Europe as a North Africa native, used to be a young and vivid woman full with ideals and visions for the world. Now she is living enclosed in her apartment in Brussels. In the meantime her son , who is a politician, accepts the mission to go to Greece to guard the port of Europe. A drama is triggered full of political interests personal desires and the rumour, fear and hate for the demagogs.


Fortress Europe, November 8, Theater aan de Parade, ‘S- Hertogenbosch.

Tickets available here.


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