EUMIGRE study: New European Mobilities at times of crisis – Listen on demand

New European Mobilities at times of crisis: Emigration Aspirations and Practices of Young Greek Adults  – Listen to our discussion with researcher Manolis Pratsinakis about his latest study on Greek migration in the European Union at a time of crisis.


This show is in Greek. To listen on demand click on this link.


A few words about the study from the website

There is extended media coverage of this new emigration, which is presented as an one-way option for certain population segments, notably the young and the highly skilled, and hence a drain of the most dynamic part of the country’s labour force. Despite this media attention, however, little is known about the current intensification of emigration from Greece and its characteristics, as well as the experiences of the country’s new “crisis migrants”. This study explores the new crisis driven emigration through the perspectives of the key actors, the emigrants themselves. It aims to explore who is emigrating, what alternative mobility strategies are considered and pursued and the reasons underling migration decisions as well as the multiplicity of individual pathways abroad.




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