Glykeria Interview & multisensory theatre Monologue Dialogue – Listen On Demand

Double feature on Hellas Pindakaas – Two events for May 14, in Amsterdam! Listen on demand the interview with renowned Greek artist Glykeria, and a discussion with perfume specialist Spyros Drosopoulos about the multisensory performance Monologue Dialogue.

This show is in Greek. To listen on demand click on this link.


Glykeria is one of the most influential and successful singers in Greece. She has seen more than a few gold and platinum album releases, has collaborated with many Greek and international artists and has also seen huge success outside of Greece. Her latest album was released late 2016, which includes four original tracks and fresh covers of some of her favorite songs. This will be her first concert in Amsterdam.

Glykeria will take us on a trip around the Greek music tradition through the sounds of particular areas of Greece as well as the Asia Minor. From the nostalgic rembetika and the almost iconic old folk music to the Smyrneika, the songs from “Smyrna (Izmir)”, and the music from the Aegean sea. Glykeria will reveal the strong social and cultural links that unite not only two countries, that being Turkey and Greece, but also a whole region and generations. Love, migration, nostalgia, the sharing of joy and pain of loss will be narrated in an unprecented concert through the authentic, warm and genuine voice of the successful Glykeria.

This concert is presented by the Pera Foundation (stichting Pera) supported by Halo Productions and Paradiso Amsterdam.

Sunday 14 May 2017
Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam
Open 19.30 hrs
Start 20.30 hrs
Tickets online presale 27,50 excl. membership
Tickets at the door 35,- excl. membership
Membership 3,50 p.m. or 25,- p.j.
Buy tickets here.


Monologue Dialogue, A multisensory performance

Imagine a dialogue of live video art, contemporary music instruments, scent and performance art. A group of Greek artists from different disciplines come together for one single and unique performance, acting and reacting to their senses. You are invited to experience the Monologue Dialogue with your eyes, ears and nose.

Composer and multiorganist Tilemachos Moussas, video artist Pantelis Makkas, performer Rosa Prodromou and perfume performer Spyros Drosopoulos come together for one single live audio video smell performance. Influenced by Pantelis Makkas’ video “Mono Logue” (2011) they converse and interact, each with their personal perspective and create the Dialogue of a Monologue. Tilemachos uses contemporary stringed and idiophone organs, Pantelis uses live video and video mapping techniques, Rosa sings and vocalising and Spyros composes a smell-scape, and together they create an unusual balanced world between music, picture and smell.


Tilemachos Moussas: Electric and acoustic guitars, Brazilian berimbao, Theremin, Radio, Musical saw, Jaw harp
Pantelis Makkas: Live video, Video mapping, Painting with light
Rosa Prodromou: Singing, Improvisation, Voice
Spyros Drosopoulos: Performing Perfume

Monologue Dialogue: a multisensory performance
14 May 2017, Doors open 21.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €5,-


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