Sokratis Malamas Special – Listen On Demand and Win Free Tickets to the concert

A music Special on Sokratis Malamas, the Greek artist who will be performing live at Melkweg – Saturday March 25th – Doors open at 19:00 – Show starts at 20:00 – Entrance 25 Euros – Powered by ENJOY &SHARE.


Portions of this show are in Greek – but you can always tune in to listen to music and songs by Socratis Malamas, and meet one of Greece’s most whimsical artists. To listen on demand click on this link.

To win 5 FREE TICKETS for Sokratis Malamas click on this link, fill in your name, and in Your Message or in the Subject type in For Hellas Pindakaas Contest, click Send and be one of the lucky ones whose name will be on the guest list!





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