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How do you start a successful business in Holland?

On this Hellas Pindakaas we talked to Bulgarian expat Aleksandar Aleksandrov. Aleksandar, co-owner of a Subway restaurant and videographer for festivals and parties all over Holland (and abroad), shared his experiences and the process of opening a successful business here as an expat. Language barriers, entrepreneurial skills, do-it-yourself mentality, and the importance of word of mouth are just some of the many topics we discussed. How do we achieve success? Is it just a matter of luck? With Aleksandar, we explored the skills and personality traits you need to follow your dreams. The secret? Networking and taking risks. “Just do it, just forget about what everyone tells you and follow what you think is good”, he says. But is it always that easy, especially in a country that is intimidated by a passionate, opinionated personality?


This show is in Enlgish. To listen on demand click on this link.


This show is the first in a series of shows produced and presented by intern Valeria Nazzi, as part of the Radio Journalism Certificate program of the Haagse Hogeschool!







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