Hellas Pindakaas Festival – Mezrab September 9 – Headliners: Mikro – Listen on demand

With Anastasis (Mezrab) after the show!

Hellas Pindakaas is 5 years old this year! Since 2012 when we first went on the air on Salto, we have broadcasted more than 230 hours of radio programming. It’s time we celebrate our radio and online presence with the very first Hellas Pindakaas Festival! Save the date: September 9, 2017.


This show is in Greek. To listen on demand click on this link.


Listen to this very special Hellas Pindakaas Festival show for more details on the line up, program and venue. With us in the studio we had Anastasis Sarakatsanos representing the MEZRAB Cultural Center, which is where our festival will take place. And, as promised, we revealed the band that headlines the musical line up for our 1st Hellas Pindakaas Festival. Spoiler: They are from Thessaloniki and their main focus is electronic music. We played lots of their songs in the show, sort of like a tribute to our headliners! Many of the songs MIKRO write and perform have English lyrics.


To save a spot at Hellas Pindakaas Festival, go now on hellaspindakaas.com/en, and in the menu on our home page, at the top right corner, go with your mouse over the tab Hellas Pindakaas Festival and then click on Festival Registration. Or simply click here, fill in your name and surname, and your email, and click Submit!



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